I know you must – you can go…

I just want to whisper one last „Hello“
to sink into your eyes with the color of a summer whiff,
to shelter in your arms with a bitter taste
and dance one last quiet  blues with your hands.

To deny for a moment that there is a tomorrow
with closed eyes to chase away the sadness,
to gather all the memories in a single tear
and with the first sunbeam to shed it like a drop of dew.

Then, I know you must – you can go.

Do not forget the sun, worthless after you,
do not forget the birds, cruelly laughing.
Take my nights, deeply carved into your life
and take my mornings, so trivial without you.

And you’ll need my hands to gently tuck you in,
my lips you’ll need to return the sweet blissfulness,
my feet you’ll need, to walk with you through the darkness,
and take my breath, to melt away the sorrow.

Ivet Aleks


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